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We all love happy hour. I love the focus in Portland on great drinks, because it’s a pretty key component to the happy hour experience. But what I love more is that perfect marriage of food and drink for happy hour. Drinking and food just go together, and in Portland, our happy hour selection doesn’t disappoint. Especially because of a few newcomers! If you’ve been craving a new 207 Foodie post in the last month, it’s because I’ve been researching happy hour! So without further adieu, enjoy!

the kings head happy hourThe Kings Head– This happy hour has so much potential, and is already quite popular with the Friday night crowd. $6 cocktails that are well worth the price, with unique drinks and hefty amounts in the glass. But here is my personal issue: where are the beer specials for happy hour? For a place that boasts 40+ beers on tap, I thought there would be beer specials for happy hour. I’m hoping that changes, but in the meantime, the Scotch Eggs and Maple Candied Bacon Popcorn will have to suffice. And yes, all of the above are amazing. Perfect pairings, if you can believe that!

the corner room spread

The Corner Room & The Grill Room: All of The Rooms have a pretty impressive happy hour game, but I definitely have to laud some praise on The Corner Room and The Grill Room. Both of these Rooms are really great for happy hour, depending on what kind of experience you’re looking for. The Corner Room is by far, one of the most popular happy hour’s that Portland has to offer. People love the wine specials, $3 beers and of course: the complimentary food! Finger foods like small slices of fluffy pizza, salads, and quiches are just some of the things you could find here.

The Grill Room is a bit of a happy hour hidden gem. Since the Corner Room is so popular for happy hour, the Grill Room is very chill, with reasonable appetizer prices and happy hour cocktails! When you want to get away from the happy hour hustle and bustle, the Grill Room is definitely a smart pick.

Photo credit to Megan Cullity

Photo credit to Megan Cullity

Bar of Chocolate: Okay, it’s not a foodie happy hour by any means, but I can’t resist the call of a $9 chocolate martini, can you? Bar of Chocolate is a very solid happy hour choice, and isn’t nearly as crowded around 5-7, especially on Friday night. A great way to enjoy the atmosphere without the people.




east ender cheeseEast Ender: Now that East Ender is under new management, it’s been getting a lot of extra buzz. The interior is different (much more subdued) and the menu has changed, but all in good ways. Happy hour has tantalizing bites, but when I went, cheese was what caught my eye. The variety on this happy hour menu has enough to keep everyone satisfied, and maybe convince them to stay for dinner. That’s my angle for the next time I go, anyway.


benkay mai taiBenkay: If you know my friends, or my boyfriend, you’ll know that this is one of my go to happy hour spots. I honestly love the idea of happy hour sushi. After all, Mai Tais and sushi…they seem to go together pretty well. 40 oz for $10…worth every penny. Add in $3 rolls, $2 meat skewers and my love of sushi, and you can see why I keep coming back for more.



ebb and flow happy hourEbb & Flow: Having committed to this happy hour post early in the game, I knew that stopping at Ebb & Flow for happy hour was a must. With small plates, appetizers, and happy hour cocktail specials (rotating daily, it seems), Ebb & Flow is one of my new favorite happy hour spots. Complimentary peppers from the kitchen and a mouthwatering Mezze dish called Htipiti with a feta, goat spread and amazing fresh bread to dip it in have made me a true believer. Again, trying these places for happy hour is just a lead in for getting in for dinner, eventually. Ebb & Flow plays the happy hour game well, with friendly servers and a beautiful bar to lounge at. Consider me sold.

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