Pizza, Pizza On The Brain In Portland

Hello again, foodies and followers! Yes, it’s been a while since my last post, but I can explain. I went to LA for a week to visit a friend (and we had many foodie adventures) and now I’m in the process of moving. To say things have been a bit chaotic would be an understatement of epic proportions.

But. Things are beginning to calm down, and it’s time to talk about Portland’s most delicious food scene: pizza. Now, of course you know that I love Otto (as does the rest of Portland) and it’s their fifth birthday, but don’t forget, Slab is opening this week. According to their Facebook page, it sounds like their soft opening was a roaring success and they are opening later this week. I’ve been waiting, and the time is almost here.

So let’s talk about the pizza offerings in Portland that Slab will be joining the ranks of.

Otto Pizza:otto pizza
Okay, you’d literally have to be completely unfamiliar with this blog, or my Facebook page in order to not know how much I love Otto Pizza. Yes, it has a lot of calories (one slice could have a whole meal) but it’s so good. Unique ingredients, great flavor, and fun toppings like pulled pork, mashed potato, plus they make the classics so much better. And their lunch special: a slice of pizza, a salad, and a drink…it makes walking at least three blocks for lunch very worth it!

Portland Pie Company:
Portland Pie is well known around Portland, and chances are, if you’ve been at an event or love pizza, you’ve tried it. Their beer crust is one of a kind and my boyfriend consistently raves about it. Granted, I haven’t tried it more than a few times, but at Harvest on the Harbor, their booth was extremely tasty!

bonobo pizzaBonobo Wood Fired Pizza:
If you’re craving good wood fired pizza, this is the place to go. Located in the West End, don’t overlook this delicious pizza spot. Everything on their menu is fresh and you can taste that in each bite. Whether you order one of their specials, like a pizza with beets on it, or take advantage of their Monday night special of $7 cheese pizza, you’re going to love what you find waiting for you.


Flatbread Company:
If you like your pizza minimal, but full of flavor, you need to try Flatbread’s pizzas. This is as light and airy as you’re going to get with pizza. Their Old Port location is pretty sweet, since it’s right on the water. If you go with just drinks or pizza, it’s going to be a good time.

So, Slab is definitely going to be in good company, that’s for sure. Did I forget to mention your favorite pizza place in Portland? Sound off in the comments!

Sarah Gelber

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