The Quest for Chicken and Waffles: A Prelude

I love the Portland food scene. All in all, there’s almost everything you could want here. There’s just one thing that is proving a challenge: finding Chicken and Waffles. Granted, this isn’t exactly an East Coast or New England dish, but man is it amazing! I love the salty flavor of the chicken combined with the sweetness from the Maple Syrup. Absolute heaven. I’m currently on a quest to find Chicken and Waffles. So far, I’ve had it at East Ender, and I know that Hot Suppa! has it as a special on their menu for breakfast, as well as the Wicked Good Food Truck has it on their late night menu.

Where do you get the best chicken and waffles in Portland? Find out as I taste test every place that sells it! Better yet, tell me if I’m missing any places, because I want to try every version of it that Portland has to offer me. Stay tuned.

Sarah Gelber

About Sarah Gelber

A recent graduate from the University of Southern Maine, Sarah has always had a passion for food. Follow her escapades around Portland, trying every new restaurant in her path! Conquering Portland, one meal at a time.