Pai Men Miyake

It’s been a real privilege to eat out in Portland all summer, there’s no doubt about it. However, not every experience has been a 5 star one. Case in point: Pai Men Miyake. Now, before you shut this webpage without even reading the rest of what I have to say, hear me out.

A friend of mine, also by the name of Sarah, took me out for lunch for my birthday. Deciding to switch it up, I suggested Pai Men Miyake, whose 3 blocks away location seemed ideal for a hot July day. We got in, and sat at the bar. The service was great, no problem there. However…

Pictured: Maine Crab sushi, ordered by my friend

I do have a problem with coming to a restaurant hungry, and then leaving hungry! Honestly, if I have a pet peeve, it has to be that one. If I’m going to have a meal, I at least hope to leave feeling sufficiently full. I will give Miyake credit: the flavor combinations and dishes on the menu were both unique and very traditional for Japanese fare. I only wish I had ordered something a little bit more filling. I ordered a Soba dish, with chicken dumplings, egg cured in miso, seaweed and noodles. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my dish, because I did. I’ve never had a noodle dish quite like it. Obviously Miyake is all about being unique. And perhaps I’d be more satisfied if I tried Miyake on Fore Street, both owned by Chef Masa Miyake.


I fully believe that food is art, but sometimes art is overrated. If Pai Men Miyake is art, then that too, is overrated.

Sarah Gelber

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